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Jessica and Gary

Luck was with us once more on the 8th of August as we awoke to another beautifully perfect day for a wedding! Jessica and Gary were now pros at this after having an Indian Wedding ceremony just two days prior to this, their church wedding day. Friends and family were all gathered and waiting in St Albans church and it wasn’t long before Jessica was walking down the aisle before being whisked away along with all the guests on a pair of Routemaster buses destined for the reception at Dyrham Park Country Club in Barnet.

For Gary the nerve wracking hour and a half journey across the entire piccadilly line to Jessica’s Parents house to ask for their permission to marry her seemed a life time ago and now was the time to enjoy the months of preparations and anticipation whilst enjoying a magical day with family and friends. There was one last surprise in store however as Jessica had secretly arranged for Gary’s favourite singer/songwriter Ian Prowse to come and perform for them whilst they undertook their first dance. Both shocked and delighted it was clear Gary truly has found his soul mate.


Saturday 8th August, 2015


St Albans, Hertfordshire


One Hundred Years - Infinity

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